Hydrogen Solutions For Offshore Wind

With the increase of offshore distance of offshore wind farms, offshore wind power transmission cost increases. In order to maximize the value of offshore wind power resources and fill the demand for green hydrogen at the same time, offshore wind power hydrogen production has become the preferred approach.

Relying on the offshore engineering capability of CIMC, CIMC GH2 combines hydrogen energy equipment technology with advanced offshore wind power equipment in a timely and close manner, and has the complete capability of offshore wind power hydrogen production solutions and offshore hydrogen energy equipment production and manufacturing capabilities, including:

  • Research and development, manufacturing and large-scale application of offshore hydrogen production equipment and equipment
  • Research and development of discrete hydrogen production control system of offshore wind power, to solve the coupling technology of offshore wind power and hydrogen production energy; To realize the commercial application of the fully discrete hydrogen production microgrid system for offshore wind power.
  • Far-sea offshore hydrogen storage and transportation solutions: In order to cope with the limited construction of domestic offshore pipeline network and unable to copy the European business model of offshore wind power hydrogen production being transported ashore via undersea natural gas pipeline, CIMC GH2 aims to provide feasible offshore green hydrogen storage and transportation solutions for far-reaching offshore large-scale offshore wind power hydrogen production, and develop offshore green hydrogen chemical industry, including offshore hydrogen methanol or ammonia module and related supporting facilities. Master the core technology applicable to offshore hydrogen methanol/ammonia module, and solve the hydrogen storage and transportation problems of offshore hydrogen production.