Post-processing Equipments

CIMC GH2 provides customers with professional process research and development, engineering design and manufacturing of electrolytic water hydrogen production post-processing equipment, and provides customers with standardized, serialized and customized new energy electrolytic water hydrogen production post-processing equipment, to solve customers' problems in complex hydrogen production scenarios of post-processing system.

CIMC GH2 independent research and development and design of "Shanghai styleR" hydrogen production post-processing equipment, with intelligent energy saving, fast start-up, wide adjustment, off-grid hydrogen production as the core advantages, mainly provides customers with the following series of post-processing equipment:

  • Gas-liquid processing frame
  • Gas Hydrogen purification framework
  • Intelligent control system

1. Gas-liquid Handling Frame

The hydrogen (oxygen) gas-lye mixture from the electrolyzer is cooled by heat exchanger, and enters the hydrogen (oxygen) gas separator. Under the action of gravity, the hydrogen (oxygen) gas and lye are precipitated and separated. The separated hydrogen (oxygen) gas is cooled, washed and droplets are caught by the drip net at the upper part of the separator, and then separated by the hydrogen and oxygen comprehensive tower at the top of the separator to minimize the alkali content and water content in the gas. Finally, the film regulator into the air or into the purification device.

CIMC GH2 Technology. Ltd. "Shanghai styleR" gas-liquid treatment frame is suitable for off-grid hydrogen production of new energy and large-scale hydrogen production scenario, with the following technical advantages:

  • Intelligent: instrument calibration, intelligent drainage, intelligent nitrogen replacement, automatic discharge of unqualified hydrogen;
  • Energy saving: according to the actual output of the wind power, intelligent matching electrolyzer running table to select the appropriate current density or adjust the heat transfer between electrolyzers, to ensure the best cell temperature;
  • Quick start: through preloading, auxiliary nitrogen charging, rapid pressure relief and other ways to achieve rapid start of the system;
  • Wide adjustment: 5%-100% load fluctuation adjustment can be realized through the combination of multiple electrolyzers;
  • Off-grid: according to the historical parameters of renewable energy, design the optimal matching scheme between electrolyzer and lithium electricity

2. Gas Hydrogen Purification Framework

Hydrogen purification systems are capable of removing oxygen and moisture impurities from hydrogen to satisfy users who have high requirements for oxygen content and water content of hydrogen. The oxygen purification system is similar to the hydrogen purification system.

CIMC GH2 Technology. Ltd."HiPi Processing System" gas Hydrogen purification framework has the following technical advantages:

  • Intelligent: automatic analysis of hydrogen oxygen, dew point, and regularly check the analyzer, automatic nitrogen replacement, automatic drainage, automatic emptying;
  • Energy saving: intelligent deoxidation heat balance, dry regeneration, blowing cooling algorithm, through the use of waste heat, in the running electrolyzer and standby electrolyzer to form an efficient heat balance;
  • Fast start: according to the dehydration capacity and regeneration cycle parameters of the drying tower, intelligent matching the state of the drying tower, in order to apply the change of renewable energy hydrogen production;
  • Wide adjustment: through buffering or flow regulation and other means to adapt to the volatility of renewable energy;
  • Off-grid: storage tank or intelligent computational drying program algorithm.

3. Intelligent Control System

The post-processing control system for hydrogen production from electrolytic water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen gas system, lye circulation system, water and alkali supply system, cooling water system and purification system. For the application scenarios of hydrogen production from electrolytic water from renewable energy sources, only scientific and rigorous control strategies can ensure the smooth, reliable and safe operation of the whole system.

In view of the characteristics of renewable energy and large-scale hydrogen production, CIMC GH2 and its partners have independently developed and created a new generation of intelligent control system "GE Hydrogen", which provides more stable and reliable only control services for large-scale hydrogen production scenarios from renewable energy sources.