1. Base Overview

Yangzhou Hydrogen Production Equipment Production Base of CIMC GH2 Technology. Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a provincial science and technology enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise. It has a first-class modern plant, a complete set of machining, assembly, electric control, cold working and pressing production lines. Yangzhou base is the production base of CIMC GH2 alkaline electrolyzer, which has formed the capacity of "large-scale delivery of electrolytic equipment in one tank". The existing capacity is 1GW, and the reserved capacity is up to 2.5GW.

Collectipower Yangzhou production base has cooperated with Yangzhou University, Southeast University, Nanjing University and other well-known scientific research institutions in the research and development, production of energy-saving, environmentally friendly electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment. The Yangzhou production team has constantly overcome technical bottlenecks, making the electrolyzer smaller in volume, larger in output and lower in energy consumption. Using the latest Membrane electrode the current density of 5000A/m2 electrolyzer has been successfully manufactured. At present, it is cooperating with Nanjing University and Southeast University to develop the current density of 6000A/m2 electrolyzer. It has 1 invention patent, 11 utility models and 2 proprietary technologies for hydrogen production by water electrolysis.

Yangzhou production base integrates engineering design, equipment manufacturing, spare parts supply, after-sales service and information feedback. Its alkaline electrolyzers and complete sets of hydrogen production system products are widely used in electric power, electronics, energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, building materials, aerospace and other industries. The products are highly recognized by the domestic market, and the long-term close cooperation with Power China and Huadian Heavy Industry.

2. Yangzhou Base Part Of The Patent