Offshore Support

As a green hydrogen business subordinate to CIMC offshore Engineering sector, the future development of CIMC offshore Engineering Group will be closely related to the cooperation and support of CIMC Raffles offshore Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC Raffles"), the core entity of CIMC offshore Engineering sector. At present, CIMC Raffles has five offshore research institutes in Yantai, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Norway and Sweden, and three construction bases in Yantai, Haiyang and Longkou, forming the overall industrial pattern of "five institutes and three regions". Cimc Raffles' main business includes the design, construction, maintenance, renovation and related services of all kinds of offshore equipment such as drilling platforms, production platforms, offshore engineering vessels, offshore support vessels, offshore fishery equipment, offshore wind power equipment, luxury yachts and high-end pleasure boats, offshore complex, as well as the operation and leasing of equipment, providing "turnkey" EPC general contracting services for customers. In about 10 years, CIMC Raffles has become one of the world's EPC teams of offshore equipment.

Green hydrogen business is an important strategic direction of CIMC's transformation to new energy, and also an important development opportunity for CIMC's transformation and upgrading of offshore business. The technical strength of CIMC Five Institute will support CIMC to develop in the field of offshore wind power hydrogen production, and combine hydrogen energy equipment technology with advanced offshore wind power equipment in a timely and close manner, so that CIMC will have the complete capability of offshore wind power hydrogen production solutions and offshore hydrogen equipment production and manufacturing capacity. Maximize the value of offshore sea breeze resources and solve the problem of the consumption of far-reaching offshore renewable energy resources.

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