At present, with the rapid development of the green hydrogen equipment market, a number of hydrogen energy enterprises have begun to enter the electrolytic water hydrogen production industry. The market demand for electrolytic water hydrogen production products, core parts and professional talents is increasing, but at present, the technical indicators of the products related to electrolytic water hydrogen production need to be determined through long-term operation and on-site verification. Its performance can only be verified in practice, there is no market operation or third-party test certification, can not represent the safe use of the product in hydroelectrolysis hydrogen production equipment; In order to meet the needs of this industry, CIMC GH2 has set up a special green hydrogen equipment and core material testing center, providing testing technology solutions for the development of new hydrogen production equipment for green hydrogen equipment peers and users, and providing research and development support for the majority of green hydrogen peers.

Cimc Advanced green hydrogen equipment and core material testing Center includes flexible hydrogen production technology application and testing joint laboratory jointly established with Huichuan Technology, electrolyzer core components test platform, hydrogen production process test platform, etc.; At present, it has assembled 2 sets of test platform for core components of special electrolyzer, 1 set of test platform for post-processing process, and 2 sets of test platform for electrical products. The testing platform is fully functional, and the testing instruments are all imported equipment, which is safe and stable. The testing center has a positive and dynamic professional testing team to provide customers with professional testing services.

After the testing center is put into operation, the following services will be provided:
  • 1. Conduct practical operation verification for green hydrogen equipment advanced materials (diaphragm, electrode, sealing gasket, bipolar plate, etc.), core products (electrolyzer, etc.), process flow (wide adjustment, quick start, thermal management, safety management, etc.) and electrical products (power system, electric control system, etc.), and jointly issue test report and certification certificate with third-party testing agency Biwei.
  • 2. Provide testing technology solutions for green hydrogen equipment peers and users to develop new products of green hydrogen equipment.
  • 3. Provide training for first-line operation and maintenance personnel and overhaul personnel in the green hydrogen industry, and issue corresponding training certificates.